The easiest way to order is to purchase products here and reply to the confirmation email with your photos. We'll do the rest. 

However, if you'd like to preview your portrait before ordering, follow the directions below:


Choose a Style

Pick one of our three distinct portrait styles; vector, retro, or line.

When you're ready to order:


1. Purchase a Proof

Go to the proof ordering page and purchase a proof for only $5. 

A "proof" is a low-resolution, watermarked image designed to show you how great you look as a digital graphic.


2. Submit Photos

Now it's time to collect digital images of everyone who will be included in your design (including pets). You can send individual images of each person or one high resolution photo of the whole family.

After completing the purchase of your proof, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number and details.  Please reply to this email with your photos. 


3. Place Your Order

Within 5 business days of submitting your photos, we'll send you a watermarked, low-resolution proof of your portraits.

While you wait, visit our products page and decide how you'd like to display your digital portrait. Choose from our extensive line of physical products or simply purchase the full-resolution digital file download.

The cost of your $5 proof will be discounted from the price of your purchase. 

Please contact if you have any questions or would like to inquire about a product that you don't see on the website. 






Our Promise

At Juniper mei we won't stop until you have a design that you are proud of and excited to share with your world. Our customers are always first and we will work tirelessly to create a product that you love. Each family, couple, individual, and event is unique and we promise to treat them as such.